Last Supper Easy Flat Bread Recipe

Children generally seem to love cooking activities and this is a recipe that lets them early get hands on!

As we build up to Easter, you might be thinking of a new way to explore the story of the last supper with your children.  Making flat bread is a great way to really get into the story!


Explain to the children that Jesus and his disciples were celebrating passover so the bread they used at the last supper would in all probability be the unleavened bread Jews ate at the passover meal.  The bread is unleavened because at the original Passover, the Israelites had to be ready to move quickly and didn’t have time to make bread with yeast.

You will Need: 175g plain flour, 100ml water,2 tablespoons oil, a pinch of salt, baking tray, greaseproof paper (enough for 6 portions)

Pre heat the oven to 180°C.

Mix together the flour, salt, water and oil until a dough is formed.  You may need to add a little more flour if the dough is too wet to handle.

On a floured surface, take turns in kneading the dough over a period of about 5 minutes and then separate the dough into 6 pieces.

Place dough on a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper and bake for 15- 20 minutes.  Take the bread out of the oven and leave to cool.

When cooled, use the bread to act out the last supper and get the children to reflect on how the story makes them feel and what questions it makes them ask.

Hot Cross Bun Multi-SensoryPrayers


You will need: Hot cross buns cut into bite-size pieces, paper strips, pens, spices in a pot, covered with foil and with holes poked in the foil e.g. cinnamon, ginger (or use a scented candle), sultanas or raisins

Bread- A reminder of the bread Jesus broke to give to his disciples as a remembrance of him.
Eat some of the bun and think of people who don’t know who Jesus is. Pray that they will come to know him and his love for them.

Crossreminds us of the death of Jesus on Good Friday and the sadness surrounding it.
Glue paper strips to make a cross and write/ draw names/ people who are sad or grieving. Ask God to help them

Spices- remind us of the spices used in getting the body ready  for burial.  Again, this is a reminder of the sadness of Jesus Dying and of the people who took care of him 
Smell the pot of spices or the scented candle.
Think of people who help to look after us and those people that we look after. Thank God for them

Sultanas and the sweet glaze on top of the bun what Jesus did for us on the cross brings abut something sweet and amazing- the hope of new life and relationship with God.
Eat a couple of sultanas or raisins and think about what your hopes for the future are. Tell God about them.

Easter Messy Church Ideas

Here are some easy and fun activities for a Easter themed Messy Church…

 Shaving foam and paint marbled eggs

toddler sensory play with water beads, plastic eggs and polystyrene eggs

A baby area with hearts (to reflect Jesus’ love) and balls (close enough to eggs for new life!)

Special cups to think about the last supper (click here for details of how to make them)

Cards using stickers from Baker Ross

Palm Sunday spinners (click here for details of how to make them)

Crown of thorns biscuits (icing, digestives, broken up pretzels)

Tape resist crosses (click here for details of how to make them

Elastic band crosses on a nailboard (one of our 4 year old boys loved this!)
make your own marble mazes (thinking about the stone that rolled away from the tomb)
Click here to go to a Pinterest board of more ideas. Have fun!

Resurrection Butterflies

Butterflies are great symbols of new life when you are talking about the resurrection.  These are really easy and really effective to make- but are probably best made by older children as the folding can be a bit fiddly!

You will need: Brightly coloured magazine pages, string

First get a magazine page,

Then cut it into 2 squares- I used one 12 x12 cm and one 8cm x 8cm

Starting with a corner, concertina the paper diagonally

Tie the two concertinaed squares together with thread (put the larger square at the top).

Hang the butterflies up!

Easter Story Pass the Parcel

This is a good way to tell the Easter story in groups.

You will need: 5 pictures telling the Easter story:  Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Resurrection

At the centre of the parcel, wrap up a big bag of mini eggs (so there is enough for each child in the group) and the picture of the resurrection.
In the next layer wrap up the crucifixion picture and a sweet,

The following layers should be…
Gethsemane, last supper and the top layer: Palm Sunday.
Each layer should also contain a sweet- this is important for later!

When you have the finished parcel you can play the game!
As the music plays, pass the parcel and whoever has it when the music stops unwraps the picture and the sweet.  Discuss what the picture shows and start again.  As each layer is opened, speak about the next part of the story and the picture. The children might even predict what comes next.
The final layer will reveal the resurrection picture and the big bag of sweets.  Jesus died so that we could be set free from the bad things we’ve done and the he rose again to show that he was truly God’s Son  It was amazing!!.  He gives us hope and new life and wants everyone to know the good news, not just a few people.  Tell the children that, yes, it really wasn’t fair that only some children got sweets and others didn’t.  He wants everyone who knows the good news to share it, and at that point share the sweets with the children.  Hopefully the point, emphasized by chocolate might stick!

All Age Easter Talk: Pinata

Before the service:

First of all, make a pinata or buy one!  If you fancy making one, there is a link to some instructions here.

Fill the pinata with sweets so that there will hopefully be enough for everyone there. This is important!!

The aim of the talk is to help people to see that, out of something that seems hard and sad, something amazing can come.

Talk (after having previously told the Easter story)

Show the Pinata and ask if people know what it is. Tell them how long it took you to make it and how proud of it you are.  Do they know what to do with a pinata?  INvote someone to come up and show you.  Hopefully they will bash it and break it open to get to the sweets in the middle.

I feel a bit sad now!  That was a beautiful pinata and it took ages to make!  I’m really quite upset that it’s broken and ruined now.  At least we got something good from it- lots of sweets!

It reminds me a bit of today (Good Friday).  Something really terrible happened- Jesus died.  It felt like everything had gone wrong and was ruined but actually it was not the end of the story.  Something amazing came out of the bad thing!  Jesus rose to new life and he gives us hope of a new life and a new start too!  Sometimes we feel like things in our lives are broken and ruined because we’ve done things that we wish we hadn’t but, because Jesus died and that terrible thing happened, it means that he will take those wrong things away and we can have a new start with God.  Like all of the sweets that came out of the broken pinata, God wants to give us something sweet and show us how much He loves us and forgives us.  He also wants us to share His love with other people and to let them know that they can be forgiven too so let’s share out the sweets and make sure that everyone has a reminder of the Good thing God wants to give us!