God knows me matchbox craft

Very often there are stories in the Bible where people do things that completely exceed expectations.  Samuel hears the word of God, even when he is a young child; David kills Goliath when he is only a boy; Jesus teaches in the temple when he is a boy.  Children are often used by God in ways that adults would never expect and this should be a great encouragement to our own children!  However young they are and however small they seem, God knows who they are, sees their potential and can use them to build his kingdom.


This craft helps children to think about the fact that they are known by God and each one of them has individual talents and gifts that, perhaps, only He and they know about.  A reading of Psalm 139 might also help to put this idea into perspective.  God knows them on the inside- no matter what they seem to others on the outside!

You will need: a matchbox for every child, paper, scissors, pens, sequins, glue, small items to go inside the box (the children could search for these and bring them with them or add them to the box later).

What to do: Keeping the outside of the box plain (with perhaps the child’s name on it), ask the children to decorate and fill the inside of the box to reflect their personality- they might want to draw and cut out pictures of things they like or are good at, or fill the box with keepsakes that mean a lot to who they are.  When closed, the box will look small and insignificant but, when opened up, everyone will see details of what God knows about who that person has been created to be.

Talk about: gifts God has given us, things in our lives we would like to thank God for, things about our friends that we would like to thank God for.

Pray: ask children to close their boxes and to swap them around so that each person is holding someone else’s box.  Ask each child to thank God for the person to whom the box belongs and to ask him to bless and use that person to help and bless others.

School Club Session: The 10 Lepers



5 mins Reflective colouring while waiting for all children to arrive.  Click here for ideas to print out
5 mins Game- 10 cup bowling

Set out  10 cups in a ten pin bowling formation and throw a soft ball or beanbag at them.  Can you knock down all 10 with 3 throws?

2 mins Song (click for a Pinterest board of Children’s Ministry songs)
10 mins Tell the story either from a book or interactively.  The Lion Storyteller Bible is great! Get children thinking about what they are grateful for. Remind them that out of the 10 lepers, only one came back to say thank you. Why do you think that was? How do you feel when someone forgets to say thank you? What would you like to say thank you for?
10 mins Prayer: balloon praise- blow up balloons and write/ draw thank you prayers on them with sharpies (or write on stickers and stick to the balloons) Play some music and bat the balloons around. When the music stops, everyone grab a balloon and say thank you to God for something on that balloon. Repeat.

Make up a word search using words from the story or using word of things they would like to say thank you for.  Click here to print out a blank word search sheet.

3 mins End with a game!  Click here for a Pinterest board full of ideas.

Family Faith: Prayer Walk

We’re getting to the point now where the we are starting to see signs of Spring.  What a great time to get out and about and be practical with our prayer!  This is an idea to encourage the whole family to pray together.

You will need: Outdoor clothes, phones or digital cameras, a computer to download the photos onto.

Go out on a family walk around your local streets and encourage the children to take photos of the things they would like to thank God for or would like to pray about (e.g. people taking care of the world so less litter on the ground). You might need to ask for a limit of 10 photos each so that the children carefully consider their ideas rather than randomly snap away!

When you get home, go through the photos or download and print them out.  Ask the children why they chose those particular things and thank God/pray about them.  Print out some of the photos and make a photo collage of things you found on your prayer walk!

All Age: Beach Ball Prayers

I recently did an all age service on the theme of  ‘be ready’.  I had an idea for using beach balls and I was a bit worried about how it would work, but it actually turned out quite well!

We talked about things we could say thank you to God for and not waiting to say it or forgetting to thank Him, but telling Him straight away.  We then asked people to think of something they were grateful for.  When we’d given people some time, we played some music and threw two beach balls into the congregation- one for each side of the church.  The idea was that you threw the ball to someone.  When they caught it they had to say ‘Thank you God for…’ and then throw the ball on.  You had to be ready, because you didn’t know who was going to get the ball next!  If you didn’t want to say anything when you caught the ball, you just had to throw it to someone else.  When the music was finished, the throwing stopped and the leader at the front said a thank you prayer for everyone.

Magnetic Thank You Prayers

This prayer activity is especially helpful for using with children under 5 as it helps them to choose things that they would like to say thanks to God for (sometimes it’s very difficult to think of something on the spot!)

You will need: a baking tray, laminated pictures, sticky magnetic tape.

Print off some pictures of things that children might like to say thanks to God for.  See the photo for examples, but I used pictures of food, people, toys, animals, weather etc.

Cut out and laminate the pictures and stick a little bit of magnetic tape on the bakc of each one.

Encourage the children to pick a picture and then work with them to say ‘Thank you God for….Amen!’

Lent: Blessings Jar

This is an idea for the whole family to get involved in!

Take a jam or coffee jar and decorate it (I used sparkly paper because I like that type of thing!)

Cut up some bits of paper and put them by the jar with some pens or pencils.  Put the jar somewhere accessible to everybody at any time e.g kitchen table.  When something good happens or someone has been kind to you, write it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar.

Make a routine of opening the jar once a day or once a week when everyone is together, reading the slips and saying thank you to God for His blessings!  Maybe you could even glue them all into a book to look back at in the future to see how God has blessed you!