Daniel Messy Church ideas

Here are some crafts we did at a recent Messy Church looking at the story of Daniel (including his healthy eating habits along with the lions!)


Making instruments with wood and recycling materials


Making statue (heads!) of the King with balloons and Modroc


Lion masks


Making a ‘den’ from straws and sellotape- This needs patience but, when it was finished, we could fit a 6 year old inside it!


A missing fruit/ vegetable ‘Kim’s Game.’  Show all the fruit and veg you have for 30 seconds. Ask the player to turn away while you remove one of the items.  They then turn back around and have to guess what is missing!


  • Tell the story by printing out the story cards here and putting each card into a pass the parcel layer.  Play the game and when all the cards have been revealed put the story in order.
  • Thank God for people who help to keep us safe and every time you say ‘Amen’, shake your instruments!

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