The Parable of the Pearl Lesson

When you have a range of ages in a children’s group, it’s great to provide a range of activities that are more open-ended that children can choose from.  This means that children are more likely to find something they can get on and do independently and to their own level!  Here is a session we used this month with a group of children ranging in age from 2-12.

First we organised a hunt for coloured paper squares which we had hidden around the room.  Children worked in small teams to find specific colours.IMG_0443

Next, we told the parable of the pearl. I used my Godly play set, but a version from a children’s Bible or a video of the story would work just as well.

Children could then choose from a range of related activities that helped them to explore the story themes of ‘treasure’, searching for something precious and what the kingdom of God would be like…

  • Making pearl ‘treasure’ biscuits. Click here for the link to show you how.
  • Drawing a picture of the story
  • Using play dough to make a scene from the story or to make a ‘treasure’
  • Using a range of collage materials to make ‘treasure’


  • searching in moon sand for ‘treasure’ (glittery foam shapes, buttons, pom poms)

As the children created, we used the time to talk to them about heaven, treasure, what it must be like to give up everything for something incredibly precious and what they would have done if they had been in the story. We had some fascinating conversations!

Using Bible Stories in Toddler Groups

Running toddler groups in church can be a great way of building relationships with the local community as well as providing a place of support, care and fun for families.  It’s also a great opportunity to gently let the story of Jesus be known in what we do, who we are and the hospitality we provide.  You are likely to have some books for the children to read with their parents and it’s a good idea to include amongst them some really good quality Bible stories.  Here are some recommendations:

Stories Jesus Told

Jacket Image

The Big Bible Story Book

The Big Bible Storybook

The Beginner’s Bible


Christmas and Easter are wonderful opportunities to tell the stories themselves and this is a great version for reading aloud:

The Lion Storyteller Bible

Product Details

Who knows what conversations might arise from the questions children ask their parents!  Happy reading 🙂