Glow Stick Light Prayers

As we approach winter and nights are drawing in, here is a simple prayer activity to help children to think about praying for light in darkness.

You will need: A bag or dark coloured pillow case, glow sticks, small pieces of paper, pens


Talk to the children about light and darkness and about how light always chases darkness away. Remind them about Jesus saying he is the light of the world so we can bring the dark, sad, challenging and difficult things of the world to him and ask him to help.

Get children to think of people and places that are going through hard times and write or draw them on pieces of paper. Put them into the dark bag/ pillowcase. Pray that Jesus will bring his light to these people and situations. Break some glow sticks and put them inside the bag with the prayers. Look into the bag to see how the glow sticks are lighting up the darkness. Give each child a glow stick to take away to remind them of Jesus’ ability to chase away the darkness.

Sticker Intercessions


This is a simple but very colourful and visual way of bringing prayers to Jesus.

You will need:  A roll of wallpaper backing paper or a roll of foil, a marker or paint pen, a collection of coloured label and/or coloured dot stickers, felt tip pens.

Roll out your paper or foil to your desired length (it’s good to make it long enough for a group of children to get round at the same time!)

Write the word ‘Jesus’ in large letters across the sheet.

Talk to children about bringing prayers to Jesus and feeling confident that we can let go of them and leave them in his hands.

Think of who you want to pray for and either write initial letters or draw small pictures on the coloured label stickers. Stick the stickers anywhere on the letters of Jesus’ name as a sign of brining the prayers to him.

If children would like to pray for themselves, ask them to choose a coloured dot to represent themselves and to stick that on the letters of Jesus’ name too.

God in us all-age prayer activity

IMG_3593At our last cafe church we talked about many different aspects of God’s character and how we all respond to Him in different ways depending on our own personalities. We also talked about part of God being in us when we believe and it being our job to show other people something about who God is.

That secret truth, which is for all people, is that Christ lives in you, his people. He is our hope for glory.  So we continue to tell people about Christ. Colossians 1:27-28

Here is the simple prayer activity we did together as a whole church family…

You will need: Sparkly card cut into irregular shapes, glue, a large piece of paper

Give everyone a piece of card and ask them to hold it with the sparkly facing up. Think about who God is to you- creator, friend, strength, love, saviour, miracle worker. Thank God for being in your life.

Turn the card sparkly side down and think of people you know who don’t know that they are loved by God. Ask God to help you to show them His love and what He is like

Turn the card sparkly side up again and compare it to the shape of the person next to you. The shapes will be different but both shiny, just like we are all different but still have God shining within us.

Ask everyone to glue the back of their piece of card and to bring it to the large piece of paper. Work together to make a picture of our community, with each piece knowing part of God and shining His love into the world.

All Age: Jigsaw Intercessions

This is a really easy, tactile idea to use for a guided group of children and it would also work in an all age service.  All you need is for everyone to be holding a jigsaw piece (it’s a great way to use jigsaws that have pieces missing so can’t be used any more!)

Have either an adult or a child introduce each section and then leave space for response, either silent or out loud.

Hold the jigsaw piece in your hand and pray for yourself

Ask God to help you.  Thank Him for the good things in your life.  Ask him to help you see the big picture of the plan He has for your life.

Look at the parts of your piece that reach outwards.

Pray for people who reach out and help and show love to others.  Thank God for the people who help and show love to you.

Look at the parts of your piece that have spaces waiting to be filled. 

Pray for people who have lost something or someone or who feel that they have something missing in their lives.  Ask God to help them to know that they are loved by Him.

Try to fit your piece into the piece of the person next to you (it probably won’t fit!)

Pray for people who find it hard to fit in, people who have moved to a new place, people who feel they have no friends, people who are being bullied.  Pray that they will find peace, friends and happiness.

Hold your piece and think of someone from your community, your friends or family that you would like to pray for. 

Thank God for that person and ask God to bless and help them.