Story Bags

Story bags are brilliant at helping children to become involved in the story you are telling.  They involve a collection of toys that will both help you to tell the story and also help the children to play out parts of the story afterwards.  They need not be very expensive to make up (most stuff comes from the pound shop!) and can be borrowed by parents to use at home during the week.  Click on the links to take you to some examples.

Nativity Story Bag

Baptism Story Bag

Good Samaritan Story Bag

David and Goliath Story Bag

Lost Sheep Story Bag

Fuzzy Felt Story Telling

Visual ways of telling stories are great for all ages.  Fuzzy Felt is especially good as the children can play with the pieces after you have told the story and recreate the events for themselves.  The great thing is that the felt figures will stick to the felt background so you will be able to hold your felt board upright as you tell the story, making it easy for everyone to see.

You will need: A board or piece of cardboard, felt sheets, scissors, glue

Cover a board with a large felt sheet (use glue or staples) to make a ‘background’ board.

Cut simple figures out of felt to help you to tell the story.  Here are some examples to give you an idea…


Baptism of Jesus


Jesus calms the storm

You can also make mini fuzzy felt boxes by sticking some felt to the inside of a sandwich box lid and then keeping small fuzzy felt pieces inside the box.  See here for more on this.

Telling Stories with Story Stones

Story stones are a great way of telling stories with small groups of children.  Paint stones yourself or print out some pictures (click here) and glue them to stones.

Use the pictures on the stones to tell your Bible story and then let the children play with them and retell the story themselves if they want to!

Here are some examples…

The Feeding of the 5000

Lost sheep/ Good Shepherd

Jesus calms the storm