Jesus in the Manger Biscuits

This is one of our most popular Messy Church crafts ever!

You will need: Digestive Biscuits, icing sugar made into runny icing, crushed up shredded wheat, jelly babies, fondant icing rolled out and cut into squares big enough to cover the jelly baby
Take a biscuit

Ice the biscuit and crumble on some shredded wheat to make the ‘hay’

Lay a jelly baby on the hay

Cover the jelly baby with a fondant icing blanket


Easter Messy Church Ideas

Here are some easy and fun activities for a Easter themed Messy Church…

 Shaving foam and paint marbled eggs

toddler sensory play with water beads, plastic eggs and polystyrene eggs

A baby area with hearts (to reflect Jesus’ love) and balls (close enough to eggs for new life!)

Special cups to think about the last supper (click here for details of how to make them)

Cards using stickers from Baker Ross

Palm Sunday spinners (click here for details of how to make them)

Crown of thorns biscuits (icing, digestives, broken up pretzels)

Tape resist crosses (click here for details of how to make them

Elastic band crosses on a nailboard (one of our 4 year old boys loved this!)
make your own marble mazes (thinking about the stone that rolled away from the tomb)
Click here to go to a Pinterest board of more ideas. Have fun!