Creche: Jesus Calms The Storm

Here’s an idea to gently introduce some of the themes of the story of Jesus calming the storm to children under 3…

Sensory bottles (fill used water bottles with the following and seal with superglue):

1. Water, green glitter and blue seed beads
2. Rice and matchsticks (to make rain/ storm noises)
3.Water, blue and green sequins and blue and green mini Pom-poms
4.Water, coloured with a little bit of blue food colouring  (filled to just over half way up the bottle), topped up to the top of the bottle with baby oil.
5. Baby oil, blue and green sequins and blue loom bands.

As you can see, the idea was to keep with a blue/green ‘water’ theme. The baby oil and water mix is great as there is a clear separation of the two after the shaken mixture comes to a rest.  Baby oil looks like water from the outside, but slightly slows down the sinking of the objects.

Let the children shake the bottles for the ‘storm’ and then watch as the contents settle and become ‘calm.’

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