All Age: Beach Ball Prayers

I recently did an all age service on the theme of  ‘be ready’.  I had an idea for using beach balls and I was a bit worried about how it would work, but it actually turned out quite well!

We talked about things we could say thank you to God for and not waiting to say it or forgetting to thank Him, but telling Him straight away.  We then asked people to think of something they were grateful for.  When we’d given people some time, we played some music and threw two beach balls into the congregation- one for each side of the church.  The idea was that you threw the ball to someone.  When they caught it they had to say ‘Thank you God for…’ and then throw the ball on.  You had to be ready, because you didn’t know who was going to get the ball next!  If you didn’t want to say anything when you caught the ball, you just had to throw it to someone else.  When the music was finished, the throwing stopped and the leader at the front said a thank you prayer for everyone.

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