All Age Talk: Harvest

This talk can be used with the story of creation in Genesis or with the parable of the talents.

You will need: A big box covered in wrapping paper containing a torch (Light), water and oil in a bottle (day 2- shake and they separate), sand or soil in a bottle, toy food or plants (day 3), a card sun, moon and stars (day 4), a toy bird or fish (day 5), a toy animal and a human doll or play person(day 6) a pillow (day 6); a gift label of sticker for everyone in the congregation, pens.

Invite someone to come up to the front and unwrap the big box.  Take out all of the things inside (it doesn’t really matter what order they are in- they are all God’s gifts!) and speak about the gifts that God gives us in creation, things that we especially remember at harvest time.

I love getting gifts and when I do, I always want to say thank you to the person who has given it to me because it really shows they care and I want to show them that I care back. Sometimes I make a little thank you card to give them and sometimes I think about what gift I can give them.  God has given us all of these amazing gifts.  If you could give him something back what would it be?

The truth is that God has given us all sorts of gifts- not just gifts in nature, but gifts of things that we are good at doing.  How could you use the things that you are good at doing to help God or to help others and, in your own way, give something back?

Get people to discuss in groups what they might individually do and then ask them to write or draw their gift on a gift label or sticker.  As a symbolic prayer of thanks, play some music and ask people to come and put their label on the big gift box.  Pray that over the coming days and weeks, they will be able to use their gifts as a gift to God.

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