Easter Story Pass the Parcel

This is a good way to tell the Easter story in groups.

You will need: 5 pictures telling the Easter story:  Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Gethsemane, Crucifixion, Resurrection

At the centre of the parcel, wrap up a big bag of mini eggs (so there is enough for each child in the group) and the picture of the resurrection.
In the next layer wrap up the crucifixion picture and a sweet,

The following layers should be…
Gethsemane, last supper and the top layer: Palm Sunday.
Each layer should also contain a sweet- this is important for later!

When you have the finished parcel you can play the game!
As the music plays, pass the parcel and whoever has it when the music stops unwraps the picture and the sweet.  Discuss what the picture shows and start again.  As each layer is opened, speak about the next part of the story and the picture. The children might even predict what comes next.
The final layer will reveal the resurrection picture and the big bag of sweets.  Jesus died so that we could be set free from the bad things we’ve done and the he rose again to show that he was truly God’s Son  It was amazing!!.  He gives us hope and new life and wants everyone to know the good news, not just a few people.  Tell the children that, yes, it really wasn’t fair that only some children got sweets and others didn’t.  He wants everyone who knows the good news to share it, and at that point share the sweets with the children.  Hopefully the point, emphasized by chocolate might stick!

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