Basic Assembly Structure

After years of doing assemblies, I have finally hit upon something of a formula.  This may or may not work in your particular context, but hopefully will be of some use!

Timings are obviously very approximate.

5 mins Hellos and game (based on the theme of the assembly) for one or two children to participate in up front

Click here to see a Pinterest board of game ideas

5 mins Storytelling e.g. acting out with the children, using props or from a good storyteller Bible
5 mins Short talk about the assembly with an illustration if possible (including an example from my own life where appropriate)

Click here to see a Pinterest board of object lesson ideas

2 mins Short prayer (or reflection time if not a church school).  Generally this works well with a lit candle.

Here are some assembly examples following this structure:

David and Goliath (Good to be me)

Abraham (Changes)

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