All Age: Nothing is Impossible to God Talk

Here’s a clever way to illustrate teaching about nothing being impossible to God.  If you practise you will be able to talk while cutting which will be a bonus!

You will need: Scissors, postcards or A5 sheets of paper

Ask for volunteers to come out to the front give each of them a sheet of A5 sized paper and some scissors.

Ask them to cut a hole in the paper that they will be able to fit their whole body through.

Some volunteers will immediately decide that this is not possible, while some may have an attempt!

Sometimes we are faced with problems that really worry us and that we don’t know how to solve!

Now take a piece of the A5 paper and follow these instructions…

1. Fold the paper in half lengthways
2 Cut alternating ‘up’ and ‘down’ slits in the paper as shown

3.Cut through the fold of the paper, leaving the fold of the end slit pieces in tact
4. Open the paper out into a big circle that you can pass your whole body through!
You may need to try this a few times before you actually do it for real so that you know roughly how many slits you need to make for your body to get through.
Talk about the fact that sometimes we are faced with problems that we don’t know how to solve- things that seem impossible to us. Talk about times when you’ve faced a problem like this yourself and how trusting in God has helped you. What amazing ways has God shown you that he cares and is helping you?  The Bible says that all things are possible to God (Matthew 19:26, Mark 10:27) and that, knowing this, can give us hope that if we trust in Him he will do amazing things.

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