School Club Session: Daniel in the Lions’ Den

5 mins Reflective colouring while waiting for all children to arrive.  Click here for ideas to print out
5 mins Game- Blindfold a child and get them to stand with their back to the rest of the children.  Choose a child to roar like a lion.  The blindfolded child has to guess who has roared.  If the guesser guesses correctly, they change places with the roarer.
2 mins Song (click for a Pinterest board of Children’s Ministry songs)
10 mins Tell the story from a children’s Bible or use this story card activity.Talk about things we face that might be a bit frightening.  Have you ever had to be brave?  Have you ever had to stand up for what you believe in?  How does it feel?  What helped you? How might Daniel have felt at certain points in the story? How would you have felt?  Speak about trusting in God and share any times God has helped you to be brave.
10 mins Make ‘Protection Pictures’ or these origami Lion chatterboxes
3 mins game- sleeping Lions.  Children lie on the floor as if asleep.  The ‘hunter’ goes around and silently tries to get them to laugh or move.  If a child laughs or moves they are out.  The last ‘lion’ left asleep is the winner.

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