School Club Session: The 10 Lepers



5 mins Reflective colouring while waiting for all children to arrive.  Click here for ideas to print out
5 mins Game- 10 cup bowling

Set out  10 cups in a ten pin bowling formation and throw a soft ball or beanbag at them.  Can you knock down all 10 with 3 throws?

2 mins Song (click for a Pinterest board of Children’s Ministry songs)
10 mins Tell the story either from a book or interactively.  The Lion Storyteller Bible is great! Get children thinking about what they are grateful for. Remind them that out of the 10 lepers, only one came back to say thank you. Why do you think that was? How do you feel when someone forgets to say thank you? What would you like to say thank you for?
10 mins Prayer: balloon praise- blow up balloons and write/ draw thank you prayers on them with sharpies (or write on stickers and stick to the balloons) Play some music and bat the balloons around. When the music stops, everyone grab a balloon and say thank you to God for something on that balloon. Repeat.

Make up a word search using words from the story or using word of things they would like to say thank you for.  Click here to print out a blank word search sheet.

3 mins End with a game!  Click here for a Pinterest board full of ideas.

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