School Club Session: Jesus Calms the Storm

5 mins Reflective colouring while waiting for all children to arrive.  Click here for ideas to print out
5 mins Game- musical statues

This links well with the idea of ‘calm’ (statues) and ‘storm’ (dancing)

2 mins Song (click for a Pinterest board of Children’s Ministry songs)
10 mins Tell the story either from a book or interactively.  The Lion Storyteller Bible is great!

Talk about ‘stormy’ or difficult times in life. How do they make you feel? Who do you go to for help? Have you ever asked God to help you?  What happened?

10 mins Use this Play Dough Mat to explore the story further and/or use this ‘anchor’ craft and prayer activity.
3 mins End with a game!  Click here for a Pinterest board full of ideas.

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